All About the Basement

When water damage ruins a great space, a little can go a long way. I love the vinyl plank flooring for potentially humid spaces; water proof, nothing sticks to them, they are inexpensive and easy to install.

Water damage; walls were saved when they cut 16″ off the bottom.

Time to repair it and get that space back to beautiful!

The Back (Splash) Please…

I particularly enjoy backsplashes. They really finish a kitchen.

Off the Wall

I was feeling a little creative so I purchased some laminate flooring and built a wall off the wall with a recessed space for my flat screen. I learned a great deal about form and function, wiring space, and sound absorption. It still looks great.

Swab the Deck

This was originally going to be a concrete pad. I decided that a deck would look nicer and provide better drainage. The composite deck, although more expensive than pressure treated, was a great choice. The skirt needs to be finished and the landscaping around the steps still need to be addressed. This project is still ongoing. The finished pics coming soon…

A little “hot tub” action!

Termites are Bad

This job started off as a wall paper removal and paint. Turns out there were active termites and they ate through sheetrock and framing. One wall had to be framed and new drywall installed. The wallpaper left the old wallboard in rough shape. Some time, elbow grease and the right glue solvent proved to be the right ingredients for job well done.

Kitchen Overload

This kitchen was small. It needed an upgrade. However the only way to fix the “smallness” was to make it BIGGER! So I opened it up on both sides. This then created a problem about the hardwood floors and the Travertine tile. The Fix: New hardwood floors.